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Everything is sooo good made with love! Owner is super sweet!


Erica Greenberg

Had excellent cake at Cuban Festival and was phenomenal!! Would definitely recommend to anyone to try


Your strawberry cheese cake cupcakes are amazing; thank you so much for coming through at the last minute. I really appreciate you!


I loved the cupcakes. Very moist and yummy toppings🥰

Nicole Swinton

My daughter absolutely loved her unicorn graduation cake. I t was truly made with love from scratch. It was very fluffy and moist. Also, my personal banana pudding was heaven sent. Thank you so much!

Candice Chery

First time cupcake buyer here!!! I haven’t tried them all but I’ve tried a few. Especially that butter pecan cupcake! When you bite into it, it has a filling at the bottom that’s omg gooooood. I look forward to trying many other flavors! Yummy in my tummy

MoneyMike Whoisuser

You don’t have to do better you already did, from the moment I saw your display and purchased a red velvet cupcake I new you had given me the best. You cupcake was so delicious I say they are the bomb, thank you because I did not want to eat any food I just wanted something nice and special at the time and your service was right on time for my taste buds. I stood at your counter and enjoyed my little cupcake.Thanks again for making my day luscious and happy.


Wonderful brownies amazing consistency. Cake jar so delicious and amazing.


i absolutely love these cupcakes. great texture, taste and looks. i can't wait to order again.


The cupcakes are amazing, my favourites are the strawberry & lemon. Yummy scrummy! Please support your local business & buy these. You won't be sorry!


My cupcakes were amazing! Ordered the Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes.

Nicole Swinton

My vegan sweet potato muffins were so good and moist. It was hard to believe that this was your first time making them. I will be ordering again.

Dana Washington

I had the pleasure of tasting the red velvet and vanilla. They were so moist, the icing was yummy and I craved for more. You won't be disappointed. I loved the paper wrap too compared to the traditional cupcakes paper.


Omg this is the best bakery 🧁 in town I really want order more and you deserve a good tip I hope you get sulected for something

Mariyah Mills

Good moist delicious cake!


Didnt want to leave my name and wanted thank you
for your donation yesterday without it me and my family would not have had a thanksgiving meal.


Your cupcakes are amazing!!! The sexy red velvet is my favorite. I will be sending folks your way.


The Cupcakes were good! All Dozen got eaten the same same day!

Kendra Revear

Thanks the cupcakes were delicious!❤


I haven’t tried all of them yet but I tried the red velvet, cookie and cream and vanilla cupcake and they are the bomb !! Frosting sold me at first bite ❤️❤️

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